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How far this seating extends down the baselines or around the foul poles varies from park to park. Today, in Major League Baseball, a multi-tiered seating area, a grandstand, surrounds the infield. In practice, major league parks vary up to about 90 degrees from east-northeast in either direction, but none face west, classic football shirts except for a few which are oriented just slightly west of straight north. Left-handed pitchers are called “southpaws”, and indeed the pitcher’s left hand is toward the south in the usual park layout, retro scotland top and this has often been cited as the source of the appellation. We also feature a variety of top European Leagues like vintage football shirts from “La Liga”, like the Official range of Barcelona Retro football Shirts (when Cruyff, Lineker or Maradona played at the Club) or the official Meyba collection featuring great teams from the 80s like Atletico de Madrid, Espanyol de Barcelona and Betis.

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